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DLA Piper Tech Index 2022

The Tech Index report

The Tech Index report is a biannual report published by long standing client DLA Piper in collaboration with a research agency scoring the tech sector and exploring current issues and trends. This Tech Index was the sixth edition and needed a new approach to communicate important datapoints and shifting trends.

The connection between humans and technology.

We wanted to create an identity for the report and campaign that had never been seen before. A look and feel that would make the work stand out and place it top of the pile. In true Within style, we looked to science for the answer.

Kirlian photography also known as electrophotography utilises coronal discharge to create striking and beautiful images of objects. In layman’s terms, it passes very high voltage current (30,000 volts to be precise) through an object on a discharge plate to create shots of electricity passing through the object.

The photography represents the underlying connection all objects within the technology sector share, power and human interaction. This method allowed us to create unique imagery and footage that acts as the hero storytelling device for the report and associated campaign.

Data design

One of the key differentiators for the Tech Index report is the breadth of data that the content is based on. Numerous interviews were conducted amongst industry experts and a survey was undertaken across technology firms, financial institutions and public sector firms. Every object photographed was curated to represent a meaningful connection to each chapter. This provided us with an interesting opportunity to combine our unique photography with data to create memorable data visualisations.

Not just a report

Further to the report and social media campaign was a series of five panel discussion films that explored each chapter with an industry expert.

Data Monetisation

If you are looking to create a unique campaign that stands out, or love the idea of high voltage design, speak to Kornelia Bala.