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Pro bono

Art of the state

Art Start is a charity that uses the creative process to nurture the voices, hearts, and minds of youth from communities that have been historically marginalized.

Our film hears the stories of two young women who run and take part in activities at Art Start. Both, previously facing incredibly difficult circumstances talk about how Art Start has helped them in their journey.

Graham Layton Trust

The Graham Layton Trust’s mission is to treat curable blindness and visual impairment by high quality free eye surgery and ophthalmic care for the poor and underprivileged of Pakistan.

Our team filmed in some of the poorest areas in Pakistan and documented the work being undertaken by the GLT.The film was created to raise awareness around the issues and to show and humanise the people effected by curable blindness.

The Dahlia project

The Dahlia Project aims to end female genital mutilation (FGM) by creating safe spaces to support individuals and societies affected by FGM, protect children from haram and empower communities to lead change.

This film was created with the sole purpose of removing the 1985 FGM Act. Dr Leyla Hussein OBE is the founder of The Dahlia Project and is campaigning for FGM to be tried as an act of child abuse under English Law which secures many convictions. At the time of the films creation, the FGM Act had secured no convictions in 30 years of it’s existence. Today, it has secured only one. The film is purposefully visceral, educating the viewer on what FGM is and does to a survivor. The film resulted in Dr. Leyla Hussein OBE being called to Whitehall over the message and intention behind the campaign. Needless to say, it had the imapct we were aiming for.

The Josh Carrick foundation

Josh Carrick died of testicular cancer in 2011 aged 23. His father, Steve Carrick founded the Josh Carrick Foundation. He started the charity to raise awareness and help fund further technological research into testicular cancer.

The film was shot in our London studio with friends and family of Josh, volunteers, influencers and members of our team, undergoing a testicular examination while delivering the script to camera. Showing how short the examination is while delivering a hard hitting script illuminating the risks of not checking regularly created a really unique and slightly uncomfortable film to watch. Coupled with a social media campaign and a fundraising charity auction we were able to help the JCF raise awareness and funds to go towards it’s important aims.

Alzheimer’s society

Following the lives of Derek, a man with dementia, and his wife, Yvonne, who has survived cancer, A cure for Derek? highlights the lack of advances in dementia research compared to cancer research. The message of the film is ‘Many cancers can now be cured. It’s time to cure dementia’.

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