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We have a century of top-level collective experience working with brilliant people in brilliant companies. 

Our studio is designed to be an extension of your office. We take pride in understanding the pressures our clients face, as well as their communication needs.

Every one of our clients is appointed a senior point of contact. Beyond that, specific project requirements determine further team selection. Our teams work collaboratively, not only across our own departments, but across yours as well.

We believe that design is about applying tested principles to the way people live and work, think and feel. In a changing world, we have the talent and flexibility to shift focus as quickly as our clients do. Our relationship approach underpins this flexibility.

Ruxandra Radulescu

Ruxandra Radulescu

Chief Executive Officer

Rux has an endless passion to understand, untangle, and unearth the mysteries of the human brain. With a drive that knows no limits, she advocates for the heart of the agency—its people—through a potent combination of confidence, care and vision.

Rux has an unparalleled ability to thrive in any environment. And not just in a business context; whether it be picking up a golf club for the first time or trying her hand at baking sourdough, “beginner’s luck” does not do it justice – she’s irritatingly good at everything. She also has a real gift for understanding what makes people tick, and for creating a support-system that enables them to thrive. Her business instincts and observant nature are almost telepathic, allowing her to solve problems effortlessly and connect with people on a deep level.

As CEO, Rux’s work is multi-faceted, requiring hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and a high sense of fairness. It is under her leadership that our reputation for luxury service, meaningful connections and exceptional quality was forged, and it is with her drive for excellence that we continue to pursue ever greater successes.

Rux’s enthusiasm for unlocking the potential of the human brain is contagious. We suspect she has found a way to build neural pathways that allow her to fuse intelligence, perseverance, and action into a powerfully efficient cocktail. When seeking inspiration to conceptualise our new brand, Rux’s brain was the obvious place to start.

Will Hambling

Will Hambling

Creative Director & Founder

Meet Will. With a quick wit and a creative’s mind that never stops churning, Will has an energy that inspires, and often baffles, everyone that crosses his path. A true visionary, he’s always pushing the boundaries of what we *assume* is possible – in turn, motivating the team to be bigger and bolder in their thinking.

A natural problem-solver with a keen sense of how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry, Will’s people-first approach to business has created a culture of collaboration and creativity that is uncompromising.

As the agency’s creative spark, Will’s raw talent in ideation ignites the genuine enthusiasm for what we do among the team, which translates into exceptional work delivered to clients. Whether he’s conceiving a global brand or crafting a one-off campaign, Will pursues the unconventional, never-been-done-before and, occasionally, complex to reform how global business communicates.

When he’s not busy leading the team to greatness, Will can be found indulging his love of early morning conversations with his daughter (affectionately known as the true brain behind our creative). He’s also an accomplished woodworker, channelling his expertise in 3D spatial visualisation into building beautiful pieces that are as timeless as his legendary, quintessentially British catchphrases.

Will is the beating heart of the agency. It is his vision, confidence and mind-bending force that have propelled Within International to new heights. His clients know that they can always rely on him to deliver strategic brilliance, with a clever quip or two on the side.


Mitul Rajani

Director of Experiential & Film / Luminary

Mit is responsible for a huge amount of the success Within International has enjoyed in the decade or so he has spent with us. His love for, skill in, and knowledge of film and animation is astounding, as is the kindness and humility he brings to our studio.

Mit is part computer (sadly PC-based but nonetheless) with an unerring ability to understand, learn and apply software within days of first interacting with it. Complex software that much of the studio learns over years, Mit consumes in weeks and then produces world-class results whilst the rest of us plough through tutorials. It is one thing to learn fast, or immediately in this case, but it’s all about the application, and Mit is the very best here too.

Mit began his editing career in live broadcast television. From late-night chat-shows and live sporting events to day-time tv and children’s programming, Mit has plenty of experience working all hours of the day on little sleep. Cutting together promos and segments to go on air that day or evening solidified his calm demeanour in time precious environments.

As comfortable on stage as in the edit suite, Mit is an accomplished vocalist and guitarist. Celebrated in the Camden heavy metal scene, the team here have been known to don the earplugs (the done thing, no comment on his band’s ability) and watch a live gig. His musical talent is evident in his edit style – full of pace, style and purpose.

Mit is hugely popular with the team and clients alike. A teacher at heart, always available to his team and passing on his considerable skills wherever possible. He is also a grounded, beautiful human being with a laser like moral compass. A live edit with Mit, according to the clients that do it, is an education and a pleasure.


Kornelia Bala

Associate Client Director / Oracle

The oracle – or perhaps that’s understating things a little? What Kornelia doesn’t know about the projects she runs are either not worth knowing, or false. Expertly navigating the waters between clients and creatives, Kornelia brings methodical acumen and almost supernatural organisation to everything she touches. Her clients insist on her running things agency-side, and that suits us, and her, just fine.

The central part of our client services team, Kornelia builds trusted relationships by taking the time to understand our clients’ needs, preferences and, crucially, the bigger picture to offer guidance which is considered and foresighted. Her ability to spot a potential problem and act before it becomes one is legendary at Within International.

Kornelia’s merits go far beyond relationship skills. She is a strategic thinker, accomplished businessperson and superb crisis manager. She produces and directs films with the same level of excellence as anyone in the industry, and still has time to counsel and galvanize her team to ensure we deliver an experience that consistently impresses, reassures and delights.

Always first to volunteer for the long-haul travel assignments (especially if sunshine or a coastline is involved) – Kornelia’s clients love her can-do attitude, which is complemented by an international background and stylish sophistication that makes her at home in any client environment.

Sarah Cestau

Sarah Cestau

Head of Operational Excellence / Instigator

Sarah is unique, in that we are still trying to find something she cannot do. Bordering on the ridiculous, Sarah’s talent for jumping between complex tasks and always delivering is a talent few possess. She is at home talking tech, PR, logistics, operations, finance, strategy, business development, advertising… let’s leave in there as the list is never ending. Sarah is an instigator, in all the right ways. Her knack of advising people, teams and clients to get the very best from a situation by doing more, is infectious.

Having run our Hong Kong studio for three years, Sarah is finally back in London, to huge fanfare. She has managed an eight-hour time difference so well that very few adjustments need to be made now she is in Shoreditch with the rest of us. Which is frankly where someone with style, an eye for the creative and a PR background belongs.

Sarah’s approach to all complex matters is one of calm and equilibrium. She manages to get the best out of those around her and is a vital source of advice for the CEO and Founder. Sarah acts decisively and methodically in a huge range of tasks, with a seemingly endless positivity that is loved here at Within International.

Sarah’s commitment to her team and her clients extends well past the job description. She is incredibly compassionate and cares deeply about the collective success of any process she is part of. Her high Intelligence Quotient is matched by her Emotional Intelligence Quotient, making her an asset to everything she touches.

Karina Pivo

Karina Pivo

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director

When something absolutely has to be done, when it has to be perfect and there is no possibility it can go wrong, Karina has already done it and sent you the confirmation. A genuine cornerstone of our business, Karina’s work is often the foundation upon which the rest of us are able to do what we do. Calm, collected, elegant and brutally smart, she manages and maintains everything from logistics and travel to finance and expenses. With people skills usually associated with the luxury hotel sector, Karina is often the first impression clients have of us, and she is an impeccably good one.

Occupying a position of constant well-managed pressure is where Karina excels. Able to navigate multiple disconnected and complex matters at once is a skill few possess. To do it so consistently for so long is testament to her prophet-like powers of prediction. The joy of working with a professional with an ability to know what is coming and have it done is constantly highlighted by the team and clients alike.

Karina’s unflappable demeanor is the perfect complement to the fast-paced world in which we operate. Like many members of our team, Karina received part of her education in Eastern Europe, which has resulted in her having a grammatically superior command of English compared to that of native speakers and a work ethic that is second to none.

Her interests range from fashion and gaming to Japanese culture – a conversation with Karina is always a pleasure, and often an opportunity to learn.

Pavel Radu

Pavel Radu

Head of Film / Raconteur

Pavel joined us following a rigorous testing period – about a decade in fact– as a preferred freelancer at Within International. Having proved his immeasurable worth on global shoots, client liaison and most memorably laying on his back in a London taxi filming a last minute C-suite pitch, we were delighted to welcome him full time. Pavel cut his teeth as a communicator at the tender age of 12, as a key member (or so he thinks) of his Fathers run for Mayoral governance in his homeland of Moldova.

Keen as ever to get the message out for his valued client, Pav mixed political activism with civic vandalism by daubing his Dad’s name on every white wall in the Romanian border town of Sculeni. This keenness to tell a story remains strong in Pavel, but the graffiti artist in him is now thankfully dormant. As history suggests, Pavel is an incredibly committed member of our team.

He loves to be involved from the outset and maintains a long-term view of what our clients need and want. Central to his role, is embedding Artificial Intelligence into our process in a humanistic fashion bringing the team and our clients along on the journey. Pavel’s technical knowledge and detailed understanding of the film process is something our clients are keen to exploit, and his infectiously friendly personality is a trait they remark on constantly.

Aris Athanatos

Aris Athanatos

Creative Specialist / Magician

Aris is a multifaceted creative who has made a name for himself in the fields of UI/UX, film production, and branding. While originally brought in to focus on UI/UX, he has since dabbled in nearly all our service offerings, always with a seamless transition between teams, partly due to his warm inquisitive personality and partly because there is nothing he can’t do – really, it’s borderline annoying.

Of Greek stock, Aris takes the meaning of his name literally. His surname translates as ‘immortal’, which is apt, as Aris runs 10 miles a day, every day, which would kill most of us. And just for good measure, after a morning run and a full day in the studio, he runs another ten miles in the evening, too (no, really, he does).

When not pounding the historic footpaths of Athens, Aris is most at home on set. Clients comment on his calm nature, how it sets them at ease and makes the process of having four cameras pointed at you an enjoyable one. A lot of the work he does goes unnoticed, but his attention to detail and forethought are heralded in our studio. His approach sits squarely in the niche Within International has carved out for high-end film with a matching client experience.

In addition to his work with Within International, Aris is a key player in Enter Agora, where he helps visitors understand and navigate Web3 in a practical and straightforward manner. Aris is always available to his team and clients alike and gives everything he does 100%. Working with him is a pleasure, and his contributions to any project are invaluable.

Karolina Sungailaite

Karolina Sungailaite

Brand Designer / Advocate

Every studio has a rising star that reminds the rest of us just how important it is to be driven to learn at the highest level. In Karolina, we have the very best of that. Her thirst for understanding and the care she takes in getting to know what a client needs and, importantly, why, sets her apart.

Karolina is meticulous and it shows. She has an ability to process huge amounts of information with an accuracy and discernment that typically takes years of experience to achieve. Clients have quickly picked up on this and have made her value to them known. She occupies a key role in our brand team and partners with Mitul, our Director of Experiential and Film on high end visual identity projects where her complexity of thought shines through. She embodies the ethos, ‘if you are good enough, you are old enough,’ and has already works on complex projects and rebrands with Creative Director Will Hambling whose trust to deliver she won in record time. Karolina’s ability to verbally and visually present is highly regarded here.

Born in Lithuania, Karolina moved to London via Yorkshire – quite the culture shock, you may think? Not so, she seamlessly adapted, as she did into the culture of our studio. She is so good we often discuss how invaluable it would be to clone Karolina. As such, conversations with her twin sister are ongoing.

Kay Luisa Lange

Kay Luisa Lange

Creative designer / Analyst

When a project requires the kind of obsessive attention to detail usually reserved for nuclear physicists, we give it to Kay. Her scrupulous scrutinization of content and love of consistency is highly prized here at Within International. Kay knows that the route to the heart of many clients in professional services is getting it right. First time. Every time.

Kay’s preoccupation with preparedness and results can likely be charted directly back to her time as an athlete in Germany, where she would regularly train nine times a week as a National level swimmer. Having left the pool for the studio, Kay joined us via a stint in the U.S. studying Design as a major, with psychology as an accompanying minor. We have a firmly held belief here that advisory led creativity is centred around the cognitive rather than the aesthetic, so Kay fits in seamlessly. Should Kay’s commitment to completing any challenge put in front of her require further evidence – and it really does not – she completed her first marathon in Lisbon late in 2023.

Unlike everyone else we know who has run a marathon (including our Creative Director), Kay actually wants to do it again, presumably to hone a technicality that the rest of us would have missed.

Tiria Shen

Tiria Shen

Creative designer / Industrialist

Tiria is an anthropology enthusiast, reads sociology for fun, plays double base, studies philosophy, creates bespoke illustrations and in her spare time, runs. As if that were not sufficient for any one human, Tiria is an amazing conceptualist and brand designer. Uniquely suited to our studio, Tiria’s background in industrial design makes her a born experimentalist, and we like those kinds of people here, a lot.

Tiria was born in Hang Zhou and credits her parents with giving her the mental toughness that saw her awarded a Bachelor of Engineering at Donghua University, and a Master of Arts at The Royal College of Arts London before she joined us. Tiria revels in a challenging brief and sees herself as a persistent learner.

We see her as a teacher as well, bringing with her a real grasp of creatively applied artificial intelligence, alongside perfect interpersonal skills and a deep intelligence that make her a joy to share a studio with. A firm favourite with clients, as well as those on the Advisory side of our business, Tiria expertly blends creativity with clever, effortlessly.

Keon Wong

Keon Wong

Creative designer / Polymath

Keon is multidisciplinary in a way that leaves the rest of us feeling mildly intimidated. Often creatives take the leap from two-dimensional work to three dimensions with animation being the bridge, Keon joined having done that and moved on to four dimensions. As if that were not enough, he has another entirely different creative discipline in his locker too.

Keon is a published poet, so we think that makes him a dual multi-disciplinary creative. Born in Hong Kong, Keon joined our London studio after a spell in leafy Somerset, a part of the UK that inspired the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, though this had nothing to do with his decision. Calm and collected in all aspects of his work, Keon is a very accomplished bridge between many in the wider creative team as his skill set is so broad.

For clients, this comprehensive suite of talents makes Keon ideally suited to work on cross channel campaign work. As if this were not enough, Keon also dabbled Law at Warwick, so our many clients in the legal sector will be well looked after.

Abi Malins

Abi Malins

Copywriter / Chameleon

Here’s the funny thing about Abi: forthright in her own time, she has a knack for suffusing her writing with the client’s voice. These chameleon antics mean you’ll feel like you wrote the piece yourself, without tapping a single key. It’s spooky. In a good way.

Abi is ideally placed to work across our team at Within International, hoovering up copy needs. Her past work has delved from startup IP protection to impact consulting, all held delightfully in orbit around her gravitational ability to make the complex accessible.

Through shifting scenarios, adaptability and drive are her throughlines. No stranger to the path less followed, she’s built three lives and counting: in Spain, Amsterdam and now back to her London roots. And, in a previous incarnation, Abi was a champ on the UK’s ballroom and Latin circuit. She still brings that precision and flair to her copy work — just fewer sequins (thankfully or not, depending on your outlook).

An unapologetic perfectionist, she sports a laserlike eye for accuracy and consistency, nestled in a love of language and all it can do. The only thing she prizes above a pristine piece of copy is her working relationships, colleagues and clients alike.

Quick on the uptake, she takes strides to think bigger and better for clients, making their words go further. She’s got a hearty appetite, too: good food, new sights, words and ideas. This openness to dipping into anything and everything means she spots connections, and overlaps learnings, between seemingly disparate disciplines, for novel and insightful results.

Calm, collected and with a maturity that belies her years, she’s a welcome asset to our London team.


 Advisory Board

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a true powerhouse in the financial world. As a former CFO of a global law firm, he brings a wealth of boardroom expertise and strategic acumen to the table, as well as the client perspective on how well our service operates and where we can add more value to the bottom line for our clients. But his professional prowess need not overshadow his other qualities.

Paul’s thoughtfulness and consideration shine through in every interaction he has in our studio. The generosity he offers in sharing his own wisdom is equal only to his desire to expand his mind and learn from others. With a great sense of humour and a listening ear, he fosters connections that uplift and empower.

Beyond his financial background, Paul’s love for the arts knows no bounds. Whether it’s immersing himself in photography exhibitions, indulging in jazz, marvelling at architectural wonders or learning to paint; his passion for creative expression is inspiring and impressive.

In the multifaceted world of Paul Edwards, you’ll find a harmonious blend of intellect, artistry and a zest for life. Engage with him, and you’ll be treated to a symphony of storytelling, knowledge and genuine human connection.

Mark Cohen 

Mark is a global thought leader and innovator in the legal industry. He is the CEO of Legal Mosaic (www.legalmosaic.com) a legal business consultancy; regular contributor to Forbes where he has a column on the global legal marketplace; a regular moderator at The Economist GC Summit and business innovation events; and a sought-after international keynote speaker. Mark is the Executive Chairman of the Digital LegalXchange, a global nonprofit learning community designed to accelerate digital transformation in the legal function and ensure the legal industry can keep pace with its corporate counterparts.

Mark was appointed by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) to serve as its inaugural LIFTED “Catalyst-in-Residence” and concurrently serves as  the General Editor of the forthcoming LIFTED Global Partner white paper on future legal skills. He has been a Distinguished Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center and at Northwestern University Pritzker College of law and  presently teaches at Bucerius (Germany), IE Spain),  and the College of Law (Australia). His Legal Mosaic blog was recognized by the American Bar Association as one of the 50 outstanding worldwide legal blogs in their inaugural “Web 100.” He also serves as an Intelligence Fellow for ALM.

Mark has focused on “the business of law” since the turn of the Millennium. Prior to that, he was an internationally recognized civil trial lawyer, serving stints as a decorated Assistant United States Attorney, BigLaw partner, national boutique founder, outside General Counsel, and Federally-Appointed Receiver of an international aviation parts business.

Dr Leyla Hussein OBE

When you first meet Leyla, it doesn’t take long to realise that you’re in the presence of a truly exceptional human. Yet she is anything but intimidating; emitting warmth and charm, coupled with a tenacity and intelligence that are utterly singular. Leyla holds many roles; psychotherapist, consultant, entrepreneur, global authority on female genital mutilation, speaker on gender rights… the list goes on.

Her commitment to end violence against women and children has earned well-deserved accolades – including an OBE, an appointment to rector of St Andrew’s University, and a BAFTA nomination to name only a few. A true disruptor, Leyla is always pushing us to be bolder. We’re willing students, and our collaboration on a pro bono campaign for her charity ‘The Dahlia Project’ – the UK’s first specialist therapeutic service for FGM survivors – resulted in a summons to Whitehall.

Bringing a fierce intellect and years of activism with her, to say we’re excited to have Leyla on our advisory board would be a gross understatement.