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Our longest standing client, DLA Piper LLP is a multinational law firm, now regarded as one of the largest and most prestigious in the world.

Though the relationship spans two decades and many projects, our most significant piece of work began in 2018, when DLA Piper asked us to reposition their place in the market.

3D sculptures, known as ‘strings’, form the cornerstone of the new DLA Piper visual identity, and are created by recording key brand values spoken by staff members.

Relying on the knowledge we had harnessed of their people, clients, services and sectors over the course of our relationship, Within International completely refreshed DLA Piper’s visual identity – taking them from a challenger brand to a sophisticated, leading global law firm.

The process of capturing and editing audio to create the unique 3D ‘string’ sculptures in Cinema 4D.

“I have worked with Will and Within International for a decade, so they knew a lot about our firm already. The research they did to identify the people narrative which is so relevant to our business and so critical to me personally is what makes our visual identity the best in the business. There is nothing that looks like it, but better still, there is nothing that tells a story in the way this does anywhere in the world.”

Simon Levine
Global Co-CEO
DLA Piper

When approaching the project, we wanted to create something completely unique to DLA Piper, which no other brand – let alone law firm – had ever done before. Through an inspiring discovery phase, our team was able to bridge DLA Piper’s underlying values with their unique differentiator. The result? A brand created uniquely around the voices of its people.

Imagine if what we say and what we stand for could be seen as well as heard. The DLA Piper identity was created using a range of voices, from the most junior to the most senior employees, saying one of the 20 words strategically extracted from our research to accurately represent what the firm stands for. Captured using a high-sensitivity microphone, each voice was imported into Cinema 4D where the soundwaves were turned into beautiful 3D graphic sculptures we call ‘strings’. ‘Unlike anything else in the market’, the strings act as visual cornerstones of all communications.

Much like DLA Piper’s impact across borders, the sculptures are something that cannot be imitated or reproduced. Each string acts like a fingerprint, something unique to that person, and therefore, something unique to DLA Piper.

Showcasing DLA Piper’s new visual identity.

To support the graphic elements, Noto by Google was chosen as the new typeface to make communications more visually impactful and clean across print and digital platforms for all languages. Covering over 30 scripts, it was an appropriate choice of typeface for a global market leader.

The final product involved not only the delivery of a full suite of brand assets and imagery, comprehensive guidelines, templates and ongoing brand guardianship, but also a global strategic alignment across the firm’s International and US business.

The strings can be used in a variety of ways to create infinite visual possibilities for the brand.

“We have grown and learned so much as an agency with the support of DLA Piper and their leadership team. If there is such a thing as a perfect client-agency relationship, then this is surely it.”

Will Hambling
Founder & Creative Director
Within International

DLA Piper's brand guidelines displayed on ipads

As part of the visual refresh we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Brave clients need brave agencies. Whether you’re looking to refresh your visual identity or need a new one altogether – get in touch.

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