QBE EQUITY posters

As one of Australia’s largest global insurers, with over 12,000 employees in 31 countries, it’s safe to say QBE Insurance Group Limited’s footprint is significant. And as with most global business, this makes maintaining a consistent voice across borders and aligning employees to a common goal all the more challenging.

Creating a cohesive sub-brand for the EQUITY customer commitment programme.

Working very closely with the senior leadership and Head of Communications, Within International advised on and executed the creation of a customer commitment programme that was rolled out across the international business. Our set aim was to change behaviours, drive engagement and shift the way that QBE interacts with their customers.

Global business audit – 20 interviews with senior QBE management, 10 hours 49 minutes of interview recordings

The strands of work spanned all channels, covering everything from content writing to creating a sub-brand to building a bespoke digital platform for employee engagement. We also introduced training films and animations to support employees in their journey, and created every piece of communication they needed in their arsenal to engage with their clients.

All these moving parts were underpinned by strategic counsel – which took the form of a global business audit, whereby Within International’s team interviewed QBE staff from around the world regarding how they were handling clients. The responses produced invaluable feedback, data and insight which we used to improve the way QBE communicates – and ultimately the way it does business.

A selection of the film which we created as part of the campaign.

To this day, this is one of our favourite pieces of work. We believe that it’s the projects that seamlessly marry discovery and insights with creativity and strong execution which make the biggest impact across companies. By combining our Head of Brand, Head of Film, Head of Animation and Creative Director, all in support of our CEO, we brought together top-level collective experience to deliver a successful solution to QBE.

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This was a real exercise in working with excellent people, willing to drive true change to differentiate themselves in a market that is often overcrowded and traditionally safe.

Design collateral from QBE's customer commitment campaign.

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