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Alaris. Executive education for leaders.

The escalating COVID-19 outbreak has presented an urgent and inescapable need for digital dexterity. While stopping the spread of coronavirus remains a global priority, we recognise that business leaders need to respond to this need – not only to ensure business continuity, but to provide an environment for their people to keep thriving and be engaged, stimulating innovation in a ‘business as unusual’ world. This means companies need to invest in arming their people with the knowledge they need to adapt, quickly.

As a response to the obstacles our clients are facing, Within International have progressed our strategic consultancy services to a digital model.

Introducing Alaris, a digital executive education platform designed to help businesses advance and upskill their workforce during these unprecedented times. Alaris will provide access to open and custom executive classes, built in real time with professors who are experts on strategic communications, leadership, organisational behaviour and virtual team management. Training will be presented in a series of modules, and live classes will be facilitated, where companies can be guided in real-time by experts on the issues they might be facing.

Based on a subscription model, Alaris will be accessible to any business and its employees – wherever they are – for a monthly fee. And to ensure training remains relevant and valuable, we will collaborate with a variety of industry leaders and experts to continuously populate the platform with suites of resources tailored to the evolving needs of its users.

For more information on the modules available and pricing, visit the Alaris website.

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