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18th Anniversary

Our founder’s trusty sidekick – the snow-coloured iBook G3 Dual USB that launched the company.

It takes a village.

Within International is 18 years old today, a remarkable thing for me to write when I look back on where it all started. Like many businesses, we began life in the less than auspicious surroundings of my parents’ spare bedroom in a wonderfully sleepy rural setting in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire.

It was 2006, and Tony Blair was Prime Minister; I had no idea that he would soon be working with his team at Number Ten Downing Street and then go on to work with Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson. Facebook and Twitter launched that year, and PlayStation released the PS3 18 years later. It was the year ‘An inconvenient Truth’ was released, and 18 years later, we are still working on climate crisis projects that started in 2009 with HRH The Prince of Wales and have included more COPs than I can count.

From Stapleford we are now in London, New York and Bucharest, and half of our clients are not from the UK. We are from 13 countries speaking 12 languages. We have grown into a team of 20 across two businesses. We have employed over one hundred people, and I have made many lifelong friends.

I have a mantra in our studio: no solution is any one person’s idea. You may be the person who gets the ball rolling, but you can never deliver any significantly brilliant work alone. The same is true of our business. I started it, but the team I am now a part of and the teams I’ve been part of throughout made this place what it is today.

Then, there are those people who have shaped the business from the outside through their kindness, support and loyalty. It is this collection of remarkable people that I wanted to highlight in this short series of films to celebrate our ‘coming of age’. From our first ever client whom I still look up to today, to the people I have met in the more recent past that help us grow. The list is uniquely brilliant, and whilst we will only talk to 18 people, one for each year from 2006 to 2024, we could have interviewed hundreds.

This series celebrates the people who raised us up.

The first episode launches 23 May 2024

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