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AI in Enter Agora: a different ‘human’ resource
Author - Will Hambling

Introducing RHEA. Replicated Human in Enter Agora, an in-platform assistant harnessing avatar innovation and language-based intelligence to shape the future of our human-AI interactions.

We have been using Enter Agora as a lab for applications, benefitting our clients’ various industries. As the world grapples with workforce and talent availability, Enter Agora is turning to AI-powered solutions to optimise HR functions and set our clients apart.

The potential of AI in HR is vast, enhancing the employee journey at every touchpoint. It drives increased productivity, cost savings and business performance. It streamlines processes, turbocharging decision-making across the employee lifecycle.

The benefits are significant: automating repetitive tasks allows HR to focus on strategic priorities. In turn, it minimises expenses associated with manual processes and administration. Analytics enable more accurate decision-making and improved performance, identifying patterns in organisations to drive company growth.

However, we are yet to define our relationship with this new form of ‘intelligence’. In figuring it out, we must establish how to communicate with, ironically, a language-based technology. How do we weave it into processes designed for (and by) humans?

Our latest addition, RHEA, is an AI-powered in-platform assistant. It combines the latest hyper-realistic avatar technology with large language models to answer, direct, guide and interact with visitors. It can enable complex interactions that mirror the real world. In essence, it means richness and immersion at its highest level.

Now, imagine what RHEA could do if it was tasked to look after the new recruitment campaign.

Instead of writing a job ad in a few seconds (handy, I agree), we can create a multi-dimensional representation of a business. We can house a job description that RHEA can take candidates on a tour of.

In a market where talent is looking for a point of difference in their employer, how impactful is it to invite potential new colleagues to your virtual ‘house’? There, they can learn about you as a business and as people. No need to fill in applications, no more reductive processes where personality cannot shine.

According to Forbes, the number one thing top talent looks for is a fast-moving interview process. Instead of analysing thousands of resumés and selecting a few, RHEA could do most of the task for you. It can assess candidate skills, organisational fit, technical abilities, moral compass, aptitude and attitude.

Enter Agora can act as a destination for business-wide vacancies. Candidates can immerse themselves in your brand, vision, and values.

Imagine a world of opportunity where we can build a personalised journey just for your needs. All based on candidates’ ongoing answers, reactions, and feedback to RHEA’s interactions. It is forward-thinking, demonstrates innovation and sets a business apart. Plus, you can’t really beat that speed.

In today’s war for talent, companies are moving faster than ever to turn candidates into employees. In some instances, the interview process has been drastically reduced to as little as one week. Employers have quickly realised that the speed of hire is critical when competing against other companies.


A slow and long-drawn-out interview process could be a red flag for a candidate. CareerBuilder conducted a survey and found that 68% of candidates believe that their interview experience reflects how the company treats its people. Thus, it makes candidates question the layers involved in the decision-making process and if they’ll be able to make a difference and see the results of their efforts. Furthermore, it demonstrates disorganisation and a lack of investment in the People and Culture department.

To short-circuit recruitment, add engagement and represent your business as a forward-facing one. This is before we even look into the time and money saved by an impersonal labour-intensive system, which is clearly not working today.

It is not just about equipping HR teams with a new shiny CRM. It is about translating a competitive advantage into a tangible proposition. One that speaks a common language to address the demand of a workforce that places innovation highly on its priorities list and sees technology as a freeing agent, liberating them from physical constraints.

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