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Board announcement. Our new outstanding advisors.

We have some news…

Paul Edwards, Leyla Hussein OBE and Mark Cohen will be joining the newly founded Advisory Board for Within International. Let us introduce this formidable team of talented, bold and expert individuals.

As advisors ourselves, we understand the importance of fresh perspectives and insightful conversations. With the Advisory Board, we establish a new channel of communication between our team and a group of excellent, high-level industry experts that will reinforce and complement our offer to our clients and our people.

The initiative, led by Within International CEO, Ruxandra Radulescu, started around a core belief: “our people are our most valuable business asset, and with the creation of the Advisory Board, we are giving the team access to the perfect combination of expertise, knowledge and vision that supports our agency’s growth and ambitions.” It is part of a broader approach to encourage professional excellence and advocate for greater permeation of business expertise through to creative proficiency and vice versa.

Our Advisory Board members come from different fields and have one common trait: their passion for business. We handpicked them for their outstanding background as much as their bright personality. Their readiness to join the Advisory Board is testament to the quality of our work and our client approach.

Paul Edwards, former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at DLA Piper for almost two decades, brings 25 years of board-level experience with a long history of working in the legal sector. Our CEO Ruxandra Radulescu sat down with Paul to discuss how values and culture are core to delivering exceptional work and how a luxury client experience forges lasting relationships

Paul Edwards discusses how values and culture are core to delivering exceptional work.

“Thinking beyond an engagement and how that can fit into a journey”

Paul Edwards

Mark Cohen, CEO & Founder of Legal Mosaic, brings decades of experience as legal business strategist with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for creativity in all places. In a recent chat with Will Hambling, our Founder & Creative Director, Mark shares his experience working with us on DLEX rebrand, his thoughts on our work in the legal industry and why he decided to join the Board.

Mark Cohen shares his experience of working with us on the DLEX rebrand.

Leyla Hussein OBE, wears many hats: gender rights activist, psychotherapist, writer, mother, feminist. She is a force of nature, injects passion and energy into all her endeavours and brings healthy and necessary discussions to the table. She works with organisations that support survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) and currently is leading on training and consultancy programs in leadership. Head of APAC Sarah Cestau recently discussed with Leyla on the power and necessity of bold and impactful campaigns to drive change and innovation.

Leyla Hussein speaks to Sarah Cestau our Head of APAC.

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