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A better way of doing business.

Our CEO, Ruxandra Radulescu, looks at how our ground-breaking products are helping the world of business embrace change.

There has never been a better moment to create a new way of doing business than now.

With COP26 just around the corner, our clients are making colossal strides to change how they operate. They do so because the business world has shifted on its axis: our clients are taking the legacy their predecessors have built and turning it into a foundation. And on this foundation, they are creating new ways. These new ways look at values, business ethics, and participating in creating a different society. A society that centres around changing big minds and mindsets and conceiving an environment that sustains all of the developments we have lived through in business and our personal lives over the past few years.

This is where Enter Agora comes in. We have proudly built a product that is the key to a lot of these changes. And our most forward-thinking clients have already made Enter Agora the vehicle for their COP26 sustainability strategy.

An aerial shot of the DLA Piper Shift environment, created in Enter Agora for COP26

Our client DLA Piper has used Enter Agora to create Shift, a virtual experience which allows visitors to browse their sustainability news, insights and analysis during COP26.

When I look at the business environment as we know it, I see undeniable good. But I also see structures that have gotten away from us. It is a Sisyphean effort to solve new problems with old structures.

Change is inherently scary for human beings – being put in a business context, it gets even scarier. Because structure is meant to keep us comfortable and to show us the manual on how we solve things.

I believe it is time that we make a collective effort to realise that many of the challenges we face cannot have a manual because they are new. And we have an opportunity, exciting, in my view, to get inspired by solving these new problems. To do this, we need to accept that the way forward is not fully defined – we are designing it with every decision we make, and we are authors of new paths, new methodologies, new mindsets, and new leadership styles.

We have the opportunity to ‘interrupt’ patterns and be visionaries. To not comply with anything that makes us ordinary. To be braver, more inspired and inspiring, and more compassionate. To be cleverer, with more critical thinking, and more exciting.

Our contribution to changing the way we do business has always centred around being brave, pushing our clients to do the same and to integrate design and technology as a foundation of business success. Research backs our approach in supporting the true business value of design, with organisations showing this focus clearly exceeding their competitors in business performance, revenue growth and catalysing talent (Source: McKinsey).

Enter Agora raises those stakes exponentially. It leads the way for companies to follow those values – indeed, to do the right thing by their people and by the environment. It enables businesses to operate in an inclusive fashion, giving their people around the globe equal chances to be at the same table for opportunities. It also neutralises their carbon footprint by drastically reducing the impact of corporate travel on the environment. Furthermore, it allows people to innovate by being in virtual rooms that enhance reality. Change is easier from this vantage point because it is for the better.

So, ten years from now, when we look back at how we used to do things, we will probably be as surprised as our kids will be when we talk to them about driving their own cars.

Read more about Enter Agora on BBC News.

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