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Enter Agora. Inventing a new way of doing business.

Visit enteragora.com for full details and to request an immersive walk‑through.

The extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic call for intense transformations that most businesses are not ready for unless they remain open to innovation. There is no other option than to think of things that we have not thought of before, to solve problems none of us have faced in our lifetimes. Our objective, until life returns to normality, is to be bold, imaginative, and explore and innovate for our clients, helping them overcome these unusual challenges.

We have focused our energy and resources on technology and creativity to answer an almost unsolvable problem: how can global businesses, that planned to have corporate gatherings of all forms, connect when we cannot meet?

Traditional business structures are deeply impacted by social distancing and working from home. Even though technology has allowed digital communications to integrate into the working environment, at the core, most businesses do not operate and engage with colleagues, partners and clients solely through video conferencing.

An overview of the Agora virtual exhibition environment
An overview of the Enter Agora virtual exhibition space. Everything is fully customisable, from the look of the physical environment, to the arrangement of signage and exhibition stands, to the branding on the stands themselves.

Our answer is Enter Agora: a virtual environment, designed to host any event or meeting and house any form of content. A few steps further from video conferencing, Enter Agora gamifies the experience of visiting an exhibition, attending a conference or stepping into a boardroom. This virtual world allows visitors to control where they go, what they see, and whom they meet – bringing virtual connections closer than ever to social interactions. There are no restrictions on the type or scale of the environment we can design. And they are all infinitely more appealing and interactive than any existing format presently available.

Attendees can move around the virtual Enter Agora environment as they would through a real exhibition space.

Enter Agora is a unique, multi-level environment that hosts branded content of all kinds: pre-recorded films, social media feeds, live streaming sessions or information panels. Enter Agora replicates as closely as possible the real experience of human interaction.

The central main stage area of Enter Agora can have multiple platforms, providing panoramic viewing areas which allow you to orientate yourself in the exhibition.

With signage and floor graphics guiding users through their own experience, they can explore the different areas in their own time. The chat functionality allows them to converse with colleagues or network with other visitors. The password-controlled entry and unique license codes ensure personal data and content security for the whole duration of the virtual event. The ultimate goal is to build a client’s perfect environment: safe, interactive and reliable, allowing them to engage with clients or their people, at a fraction of the cost and with almost zero environmental impact.

Exploring the Agora environment from a players point of view
Players experience the environment from ground level, as if they were actually walking around it.

Our approach is to design with clients and not for them. To develop this product in line with their needs, as opposed to a white-label approach, we have adopted agile development. This delivers in a few weeks at a time a ‘ready-to-use’ environment adjusted to their needs, and those of their visitors.

Enter Agora is accessible to any business as we offer a set-up package based on our clients’ requirements and priorities.

For more information visit the Enter Agora website, or contact will@withininternational.com to arrange a 30‑minute immersive walk‑through demo.

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