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Metaverse use cases – the better question to ask
Author - Within International
The concept of the metaverse has captured people’s imagination about the future of technology and society. There is indeed lots of debate about what we can use the metaverse for, if at all. Here is a list of possible uses as requested by our clients, in no particular order:
Meetings and conferences
Office space
Product demonstrations
Investor tours
Training and simulations
Trade shows
Networking events
Art galleries
Focus groups
Private therapy sessions
Brand experiences
Fashion shows
Fundraisers events
Product launches
Press events
Law offices
Career fairs
Architectural walkthroughs
Home replication
Customer support
R&D labs
Job training
Meditation and mindfulness exercises
Retail experiences
Team building activities
Public speaking coaching
Language classes
Book clubs
Fashion consultancies
Financial advising
Museum tours
Wedding planning
Interior design
Personal shopping and styling
Makeup and beauty consultations
Art classes
Life coaching
Legal mediation
Talent shows
Game nights
Educational escape rooms
Public consultation
Digital twins
Protest spaces
Car showrooms
Trading simulations
Support groups
Music lessons
Open houses tours
Travel trips
Film festivals
Writing workshops
Job interviews
The question is not what can it be used for, but more, how can agencies work with their clients to explore how it can be powerful for them, without committing huge amounts of time, money and resource to it.
As technology continues to evolve, so will the potential of virtual and immersive experiences. But for now, focusing on the real needs of clients, and how the metaverse could support those needs in practical ways, is a good first step in this new era.


Good news, that’s our approach with Enter Agora.

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