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The Anti-Social. Gaming and dopamine. Connecting with great clients.

We’re always looking to improve.

That’s why we’re introducing The Anti- Social. Once a month, we’re inviting clients to join us for an evening of the least sociable activity: gaming. We’ll have a selection of games, current and classic, as well as food and drinks.

We, like our clients, are a sociable bunch. We’ve always valued people who hold both similar and dissimilar interests to us, which is why we’ve spent the last seventeen years developing relationships; it shapes the work we produce.

Gaming and sociable activities give all of us an idea of how we operate day-to-day (without the need for business cards).

Given our mutual interest in the world of gaming, with our partner company Enter Agora, we’ll have our metaverse product available to test. You’re more than welcome to give us feedback. Equally, MarioKart is just as good.

Look out for your invite to the first edition of The Anti- Social. Or get in touch if you want to receive one. 

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