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To the moon and back. Enter Agora, business in 3D.

We have introduced Enter Agora to over 100 businesses in the last six months, delivered a bespoke 3D experience for the World Economic Forum and held our first team meeting in our very own purpose-built virtual world last December. Such milestones for Enter Agora and Within International led us to wonder: where will we meet next?

As we progressed in developing Enter Agora, we realised that existing platforms provide online solutions replicating the physical world. And while we are missing real-life interactions too, we don’t see why we should stick to conference-like venues when we could have our daily team catch-up on the International Space Station.


Better than the real world is what we strive for in Enter Agora.

Aside from the functional challenges it tackles, Enter Agora looks at a higher purpose as well: to bring propulsion to how we interact with each other, cutting through the digital noise and offering a solution that is elegant, easy to use and indulges the senses. It adds energy to dull 2D experiences, it connects people in a way that has not been achieved before, and it gives the C-suite a legacy piece to be remembered as the people who laid the foundation of a new business world.

Enter Agora is not only technology, it is a vision for changing antiquated ways, for enabling comfort and excitement, for rich data to enable rapid and intelligent decision‑making.

Multiplayer mode in Enter Agora

Hundreds of users can access the platform at the same time and interact.

Enter Agora focuses on global players that need to solve business-wide challenges, who understand that our new environment is a chance for technological progress, enabling a flexible and engaging working scenario. It is perfectly aligned to deliver an environmentally-conscious solution for our clients as well.

Among the many challenges Enter Agora solves, one is the opportunity to build virtual settings that can be used continually, independent of the event taking place within it.


We build venues rather than events. Enter Agora enables bespoke experiences that save our clients money and time.

With some of the biggest companies in the world as clients, we produce pixel-perfect experiences that amplify our clients’ brands. Enter Agora enables hundreds of people to interact live inside a bespoke venue to satisfy any event need. Better still, our clients keep the venue, change the content and use it at their own pace.

With hundreds of people moving independently through our environments, we also give our clients data that would be impossible to obtain in the physical world. This empowers them to make quick and intelligent decisions.

An image taken from inside the Enter Agora platform showing the chat functionality

The Enter Agora platform has chatroom functionality built in.

In Enter Agora, guests can talk, type, access the agenda or support films, talk to an expert and navigate around their bespoke world by moving from room to room, session to session or network with the people they really want to see.

Recently, we have been inviting our client teams into Enter Agora to finalise the design aspects of the worlds we build for them. We are able to move (or remove) walls in the digital versions of the physical venues they are used to, or change the size, shape, texture, clothing, wrap or even the gait of avatars. As creative servicing goes, for clients as far away from London as New York, Sydney and Hong Kong, it’s borderline magic and definitely ground‑breaking.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing updates on progress, and we will be opening Enter Agora to our clients to meet us there and discuss their live experience needs. After 15 years of existence, it is amazing to see our agency evolving at the crossroad of brand and technology and – better still – to hand over the reins to our clients to see what amazing worlds they create.

If you want to experience this live please contact Kornelia Bala (UK), Sarah Cestau (HK) or Will Hambling (US).

To keep up with all the news, follow Enter Agora on Linkedin or visit enteragora.com

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