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X-potential – Mark Cohen

Case studies

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is an essential skill in the digital workplace. Empathy, collaboration, moxie, resilience, curiosity, and cultural awareness are building blocks upon which “hard skills” can be leveraged to elevate individual and team performance. There is a story behind individuals with elevated EQ. As the philosopher Hannah Arendt observed, “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

I have been telling stories since childhood. It helped prepare me for a mosaic of a career– trial lawyer, CEO, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, and journalist. My own stories have been shaped, in no small measure, by others’ that have resonated. Stories are about forging human connections and overcoming isolation, even briefly.

I have embarked on this project to provide a platform for young people with stories that need to be told to a wider audience. The stories are heartbreaking, humbling, and inspiring. They explain why each young adult has acquired uncommon wisdom at an early age. Resilience, determination, self-discipline, optimism, purpose, and a desire to share with others what they have learned are common threads. That is a hopeful message for the future as well as a reminder that the most important skill is how to communicate effectively with others.

WIT | X-Potential | Sabrina

WIT | X-Potential | Esther

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