Welcoming our new intern in Hong Kong

Elizabeth Ng standing in front of Hong Kong harbour.

Tourism and Hospitality Management student Elizabeth Ng has recently started a year-long internship here at Within International. In this article we find out why she thinks we will be the perfect fit.

Finding the right internship for a passionate Marketing and Events executive such as myself was initially a daunting prospect when I started my research. There are a large number of companies in Hong Kong specialising in different markets and industries but it was important for me to find the right position, one in which I could feel most at home.

As a student enrolled in BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management, majoring in Event Management at MODUL University, Vienna, I was intrigued to come across Within International’s new virtual conferencing and events platform – Enter Agora. I immediately wanted to know more. This, combined with the agency’s traditional service offering of brand, film, animation and PR, meant that I could get exposure to the many marketing products that Within International offers its global clients. After applying for an internship, I was delighted to accept a year-long contract.

Elizabeth Ng standing in front of Hong Kong harbour.

My experience has spanned working as a translator in an English summer camp, HR at Shanghai Museum, and event management for a shop in Hong Kong but Within International will be the first marketing agency I have worked at. Given that Within International boasts a wide range of products and services I feel this is the ideal organisation for a hands-on internship. My main focus will be to learn as much as possible, from client management to business development to understanding the nature of how to run a business across the Asia-Pacific region. I’m really looking forward to what the coming year has in store!

Interested in joining our Hong Kong team? Get in touch with robert@withininternational.com to discuss our current opportunities.