Safety first: Filming in Leadenhall

Close-up photograph of a hand wearing disposable gloves operating a Canon camera.

Our Central London studio is now available as an adapted and safe filming location.

With the effects of the global pandemic still looming around us, business continues to be… well, unusual. In a time where we are urged to stay indoors and locations have shut down until further notice, filming has become a track full of hurdles. Given restrictions and uncertainty, we understand that our clients have been struggling to find spaces that are open, safe and relevant.

Photograph of a green screen filming studio.

As always, our approach has been maintaining client-centricity, finding solutions for our clients to keep doing what they do best. So, we have a solution.

We have repurposed our Central London studio into a fully functional, safe and empty space to host the production requirements of our client’s projects, spanning film, photography, podcast and several others.

Equipped with all measures of PPE, including masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and low traffic numbers, the space takes every precaution to adhere to safety regulations. The space will also be thoroughly cleaned before and after shoots.

The safety of our clients and our team has always been paramount, and we are dedicated to ensuring this whilst continuing to deliver high quality production.

We look forward to welcoming our clients into our studio space very soon.

Interested in filming at our Central London studio? Contact for more information.

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