New intern Ethan joins us in Hong Kong

Ethan Chan

Marketing student Ethan Chan has recently started an internship with us at Within International. In this article we find out what he is looking forward to learning during his time here.

Ethan Chan

I was keen to pair my online learning at Loyola Marymount University in the United States with an internship that would give me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of marketing. After conducting research on Within International and discovering the unique products and services the agency provides, including the new immersive virtual platform, Enter Agora, I concluded this environment would be the perfect place for me to gain valuable work experience.   

As a marketing student, I am exposed to an ambitious and diverse group of students that are eager to better the world through creative communication. With offices located in London, New York and Hong Kong, I believe Within International will challenge me to view business from an international perspective. Developing my skills during this internship will greatly benefit my education by allowing me to exchange insightful ideas about business communications with my peers.

Having previously managed Photo4Good HK, an inter-school photography NGO, I gained first-hand experience with organisational operations and the tight-knit style of startup communications. Likewise, I most look forward to the hands-on experience of working at Within International, from researching prospective clients in the APAC region for business development to attending pitch meetings with multinational companies, in addition to being part of behind-the-scenes virtual events.

I am excited to welcome new challenges in the coming months and I’m confident that my journey at Within International will be immensely valuable.

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