Alexandra Chatzimichali



Our Creative Director, Will Hambling, spent a very entertaining hour with HSBC at their flagship Canary Wharf HQ discussing the importance of messaging and earned content.

The audience came from all parts of the business under the umbrella of HSBC’s internal initiative ‘Let’s Talk – Digital’, where industry experts are brought in to discuss topics in the digital space that do, or soon will impact on their business. Using an unholy alliance of the First Direct communications’ strategy and President Trump’s social media approach, Will drew parallels between the two and discussed the effectiveness of each. By explaining some of the confusion around digital and the fact that it means so many things to so many people, Will was keen to emphasise that it is OK to not know what is happening in every area of what is a huge space.

“The human race has developed around 1,000 languages, which 94% of the global population speak. It took 100,000 years to develop those, so roughly one every 100 years. The first programming language – ‘Fortran’ – was developed 60 years ago, and since then we have developed 750 more, broadly one a month… so it is OK to be confused!”

There are eight statements that briefly, yet graphically explain what FGM is and how it affects survivors of this heinous act.

As a customer of HSBC’s (via First Direct), Will was able to further discuss the challenges banks face when communicating regulatory changes which affect how customers understand and interact with online banking. The importance of language and reasoning were discussed at length alongside the vital, but often mishandled process of ‘naming’ new technology.

Owning change and earning content for those changes was the closing message. The HSBC team were very pleased with the results of the session and asked Will to return in 2018 to further tackle incumbent areas of digital.