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Within International and Nice Bike Content, the Melbourne-based film and production agency with a presence in New York, are officially joining forces as sister agencies. Driven by clients’ needs for best-in-class work and around-the-clock service, this partnership is proving beneficial to clients all around the world.

For those who have worked with Within International for a number of years, you know we have stuck our flag in the land of making brands sing. To that end, we have accrued the best talent, whether across film, consultancy or brand. With an ever-globalised world, and more so during a global pandemic, our reach has soared across our usual borders. So has Nice Bike’s.

Our new sister agency approach will allow us to provide a 24-hour service across our locations.

Within International and Nice Bike have been unofficial partners for years. Not only is there a friendship that spans close to a decade (from our Founder Will Hambling and NB Content’s Founder Tom Marks) but, as opportunities emerged in both hemispheres for both agencies, we supported each other in projects that served best when joining forces, seamlessly delivering the highest quality work. So, when it came to formalise as official sister agencies, the foundations were already in place. In fact, it was a natural occurrence. As they say, two brains are better than one (in this case, agencies).

“We want to be able to offer our clients – either current or potential – an around-the-clock service, with no limits on when or where they can engage with us. With NB Content, we have always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to quality of work, collaboration, client service, creativity and innovation. It is a partnership that was bound to happen.”

Ruxandra Radulescu
CEO at Within International

Not only has the sister agency approach been deemed beneficial in the realm of film, brand and production, but also in the realm of products. During the pandemic, our team at Within International focused on bringing to life Enter Agora, a virtual environment designed to host any event or meeting and house any form of content, bringing virtual connections closer than ever to social interactions. Similarly, the team at NB Content have created their suite of technology-led products, including ‘Stevie the Robot’, an automated robotic imagery system that captures still images, 360-degree videos and the weight and dimensions of any real-life object.

“There is an undeniable alignment in terms of aiming to offer our clients answers to questions that we have never asked ourselves before – finding solutions to problems through innovative technology and creative thinking, regardless of the industry,” adds Radulescu.

“By joining forces, merging our expertise across differing industries – mainly professional services for Within International and consumer markets for us here at NB Content – we are broadening our reach and opening the doors to new kinds of opportunities.”

Tom Marks
Founder of NB Content

Both Within International and NB Content will remain independent agencies, coming together when it proves most beneficial to clients. We have already successfully joined forced on projects for global sporting franchises and major automotive brands, with many more projects in the pipeline. To find out more about how our 24-hour service can boost productivity and efficiency, please get in touch.

For more information, please contact ruxandra@withininternational.com or tom@nbcontent.com.

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