Reviewing and Refreshing


In an increasingly competitive market, our clients need to look and feel like the company of choice for their client base. For this reason, Milliman’s Business Development and Marketing team came to us with the challenge of putting together a thorough set of base materials and pitch packs to be used by their consultants globally. They needed to tell a consistent story about who they were as a firm and the services they provided across digital and printed collateral across their various offices around the world. As one of the biggest actuarial consultancy companies in the world, the challenge was far from easy.

Fortunately, our client already relied on a good set of brand guidelines that needed to be pushed a little further. Consequently, we analysed what was already right and in place (their logo, color palette, and typography) and translated that into a library of illustrations, pictures, icons, diagrams and templates for their communication channels.

Setting the atmosphere

As one of the largest actuarial consulting firms in the world, the Milliman brand stands out from their competitors by being bold, clear, independent and human. To translate these variables into visuals, we developed an image library that embodies these concepts with the use of aerial perspectives and people-centred contexts.

Following on the image library, we produced a series of illustrations that focus on Milliman’s ability to process complex scenarios and deliver clear solutions. For this, we used bold, geometric figures inspired by Milliman’s logo and colour palette to portray more abstract concepts, such as mergers and acquisitions, risk, predictive analytics or client focus.

Engaging with complexity

As Milliman’s work has real consequences for people, part of their communicational intent is to avoid industry speak and jargon, aiming to use language that everyone can understand. When explaining IFRS17 standards for insurance contracts or new modelling tools for financial risk management, clients might find it hard to decipher.

For this reason, we provided them with an extensive library of pre-designed icons and diagrams that help their clients understand, remember and engage with Milliman’s pitches and meetings. Good information design, backed up by smart oratory skills are key to successful pitching and new business generation.