Pitch Please

An Integrated Approach


When a landmark building is being built somewhere in the world, CBRE is invited to tender in one role or another. From advisory and transaction services to building consultancy – investment management to workplace solutions, the world’s largest real estate company is shortlisted. We have worked with CBRE across all channels in the last three years, but perhaps the one we are tasked with most frequently is pitching. We have pertinent experience in the sector, having also delivered a number of projects for Knight Frank and other Real Estate & Property Management companies. This experience stands us in good stead to deliver against tight timescales with multiple stakeholders.

Further to our experience, our approach is different. For large pitches, we operate a virtual and literal open-door policy, where clients are invited to use our studio as their very own war room. The pitch teams our side are assembled to reflect the client needs and always include a director. Usually, a high-level pitch will require an integrated approach, so members of the film, animation, brand and digital teams are present throughout. The nature of pitching dictates that we usually have less time than we would like, but we counteract this by keeping the studio open 24 hours if needed, rotating the teams to ensure quality and a diverse critical eye.

Our pitch record for clients is over 87.5% since 2014.

Creating innovative pitch responses is something we have made our name by, that and aligning ourselves with the biggest and best in each sector. Our clients’ success is vital to our business – winning teams come back to us time and again – so we put everything into making sure the business is won. Ruxandra, our Chief Business Development Officer, spends time with clients coaching them on delivery, and Will Hambling, our Creative Director, ensures the messaging is not lost in the detail.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly, nothing brings a team together like a high-pressure tender response. We have spent many long nights with our clients working as an extension of their team, a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our pitch record for clients is over 87.5% since 2014. So give Rux a call.