Finding Future Leaders


Prudential plc is an international financial services group with over 24 million insurance customers worldwide and more than 26,000 employees across six business units.

Having worked with Prudential since 2011, they came to us with a challenge: to engage both internal and external candidates to enrol in their high-level career acceleration programme, Next Generation, preparing them for jobs that don’t yet exist. Next Generation is designed to nurture talent and invest in succession planning, forging future leaders and critical specialists across all six of their business units.

As great minds need stimulus, we carefully studied our potential audience and found inflexion points to help us target their curiosity. We did this through the creation of a campaign that focused on devising carefully crafted ads appealing to various demographic segments, functions and across a selected number of sectors. The Prudential plc group is commonly associated with strong, traditional values, which are highly respected in the financial sector. However, when engaging ‘leaders of the future’, it was important to highlight their analytical aptitudes of forward thinking.

This global campaign went on to attract top talent firm-wide across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, far exceeding the initially projected numbers.

We always appreciate and value when our clients thrive and come back to us. After the success of the first phase of work, we were asked to work with Prudential in partnership with Imperial College Business School and PeopleWise to develop the Next Generation executive education experience, once candidates were accepted onto the programme.

This involved engagement on a number of levels; from programme concept design to motivating participants through a motivational opening film.